The Tortoise and The Hare

The Tortoise and The Hare:

The Hare was so upset that he lost the race to the Tortoise that he challenged him to a race the next week. The Hare was intensely focused on beating the Tortoise so he decided to get some help with this race. The Hare made sure that the race was scheduled later in the day so that he would not be tired and could be better focused. The Hare also made sure that he had friends through out the race to remind him what direction he needed to go and to make sure he completed the race. On race day The Hare out ran the Tortoise and won the race very easily, after the Tortoise crossed the finish line The Hare asked The Tortoise why he didn’t just stop after knowing he lost the race. The Tortoise replied that his goal wasn’t to win the race it was to cross the finish line.

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