When Your ADD Makes You Feel Stupid – Focused Distractions

I felt totally lost. So what did I do? What any other woman with ADD does who feels inept in the kitchen: I walked around in circles, pretending to be helpful while studying the magic of these women.

Ok, so where am I going with all this?

As I was studying these moms, I also studied myself. I made a choice: I could feel like a total dolt, kicking myself for being an incapable kitchen flunky.

Or, I could remind myself that I had other talents and that it was ok that being a queen chef was not one of them. As I found myself slipping into that negative mindset, I visualized myself doing things that most likely, these women didn’t or couldn’t do. I pictured myself in my art studio, painting wonderful pictures. I envisioned myself in my music studio, laying the bass tracks to a song I’d been working on.
What about you? When you feel that ADD inadequacy creeping in, how do you pull yourself out of it?

When Your ADD Makes You Feel Stupid – Focused Distractions

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