for the first time in several months…

…i am at home, by myself, getting ready to cook dinner while i work on freelance webdesign.

i have beer, a steak to cook, a hot grill and some asparaguses (asparagi?) to throw on there, along with a potato soaked in olive oil in the oven, baking.

it is a comfy 79 degrees f, and i have two wonderful dogs playing in the yard, here, where i sit in lawn furniture on the patio typing on a macintosh notebook computer.

i played a game of disc golf with one of my very best friends in the world and i had a couple of the best throws of my life: one of which was easily 500 feet in length.

i rode to the grocery store to get the beer and potato and steak and asparagus on my kickass bicycle, which i was offered $200 for on the street the other day.

this made me chuckle.

i told him how much i would take for it, and he asked, “shit, what? it got a motor?”

“yeah,” i replied: “me.”

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