Wii Saber for Mac (no really)

isnoop.net blog » Blog Archive » WiiSaber: A Wii, Mac, and Lightsaber Sandwich: “WiiSaber: A Wii, Mac, and Lightsaber Sandwich

You might recall an application I wrote earlier this year called MacSaber. If so, my new Cocoa application should be quite familiar.

Hiroaky just released a handy bit of code that adapts the Nintendo Wii’s ‘WiiMote’ wireless controllers for use on the Mac. I have taken his idea and merged it with the magic that made MacSaber to bring you a new breed of audio Lightsaber simulator.

This application looks and works just like MacSaber, but the input device is the WiiMote instead of your Apple laptop. I plan on adding more features including more visual response and multi-controller capabilities soon, so check back again later.”

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