back from florida

we’re back from tampa.

way too short of a weekend, but it was nice nonetheless.

we went to universal studios, we swam in j1’s mom’s pool, we saw j2 learn to swim right before our eyes.

it was fun.

tomorrow at 4:30 we are getting married, finally, for real, apparently: the attorney who is going to do it is getting sworn in as a “judge pro temp” or something like that, and in a non-ceremoney tomorrow afternoon we’ll be all legal and stuff.


i did OK on my football picks this week — as of this writing i had 8 right.

not enough to win the pool, but way better than 50%.

not nearly as well as week 5 where i only had 3 wrong total.

tomorrow night the colts play on MNF; i predict 43 points total.

we’ll see.

flying was, as always, a bit trying for me.

i have a sore throat and a sinus infection that i’ve been battling since wednesday or thursday or so, and the horribly stale air on the planes didn’t help that.

neither did the inane conversation the early-twenties-newlyweds were having with the overly-bubbly public awareness girl for some stupid charity or something girl sitting next to them in the row in front of me that i could not possibly pretend wasn’t WAY TOO LOUD.


anyway, the trip was good, if too short.

we survived the runways and we had a great time.

it is, as j2 just said as he was being put to bed, good to be home.

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