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spoiler alert: i ruin christmas for children below.

if andy claws were real*, and he were to bring me an $800 present, and he were to learn about that present somewhere, i’d like it to be here:

Kegotator draft dispensers are part of MicroMatic product line, which offers a large range of beer equipment. I have grabbed one photo above from their website to illustrate how these Kegerators work. Basically, it’s a cube fridge that has a tap on top, solidly made with lots of shiny steel, into which kegs of various sizes fit and out of which beer flows. They range in prince from $495 to just under $1,500 and some seem to have wheels, meaning you could actually shout “ROLL THE KEG OVER HERE, LARRY!” if you were drinking with a guy called Larry on a relatively level surface area with no obstacles in the way.

Review: The Kegerator Portfolio | A Good Beer Blog

*santa is not real. sorry.

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