orcas are smart

the fourteen of you who regularly read my blog (hi alison! hi michelle! hi mom! hi andy!) may remember that my dream job is to be an orca trainer, and the following excerpt from an article is just one reason why.

another reason, you may be interested, is that i am trying my darndest to emulate some of the orca traits in my life — traits that i myself have shown to not exhibit that i desire, and i have taken the animal on as a totem of sorts.

i don’t want to over-think it, but by being concious of that which we admire, we can improve ourselves, and i admire the cunning, smarts, grace, beauty and go-the-hell-get-what-we-want-em of the orca:

In the early 1970s, an orca was seen in Argentina beaching itself next to seals. At first it seemed to be in distress, but then it lunged at seals nearby, grabbed one by the neck, and dragged it back into the water. This beaching hunting technique has since been observed hundreds of times in Argentina among a small group of orcas. Studies have shown that the orcas can time their forays onto land to coincide with the tides, so they run less risk of becoming permanently beached.

Unique orca hunting technique documented : Nature News

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  1. Orcas are complex, soacil creatures, and as such we should respect them, and not keep them in captivity for our own amusement in theme parks. If it’s to be a biography, you can do one of any of the famous captured orcas: Keiko (star of the movie Free Willy ) would be your best bet! or Namu or Orky or Corky

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