initial impression of aeropress, the espresso maker from inventor of the aerobie flying disk

remember the aerobie?

it is that red and black ring that made it possible for mere mortals to throw a frisbee three football fields (usually, of course, by the time a disk flies 300 yards, it is way way way way WAY WAY off course, but anyway).

i have a well-desered reputation for being somewhat of a nerd about a few things.

i happily geek out about macintosh computers, things that fly, submarines, evolution, and, last and most certainly not least coffee.

and now, thanks to my mother, i have a new toy that combines two of these passions: the aeropress: an espresso maker from the inventor of the aerobie.

this little machine is amazing.

here, this is from a review at

Delicious. Very non-bitter and always got the flavor of the coffee we were using. We could also depending on the mix time and the amount of time we took pressing the coffee out of the Aeropress get various strengths of coffee. We really enjoyed having almost total control over the type of coffee we produced and it all felt very zen like when you would get in tune with the Aeropress.

i find all of this to be true. the aeropress is a joy to use, and makes fantastic coffee.

i can hardly wait to get truly good at it!

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