one ugly monkey revisited

one. ugly. monkey.

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the phrase “one. ugly. monkey.” generates quite a bit of traffic to this blog, and this photo has over 19,000 views at my flickr account.

so i thought i would take the time to use this platform to point out that this ugly little guy is one of the most endangered creatures on earth.

he is an aye-aye, a sort of lemur who lives, like all lemurs, only on madacascar.

i first learned about the aye-ayes in douglas adams’ amazing book last chance to see.

“Last Chance to See” (Douglas Adams, Mark Carwardine)

this book gave me my interest in endangered animals, and ultimately led to my fascination with evolution and how this amazing universe works.

i highly recommend that everyone read it, or better yet, listen to the book on tape, like i do.

well, MP3. i could be persuaded to let friends borrow my last chance to see CDs if they wish to hear the book on tape.

or something could be worked out.

if you are the kind of person that likes watching discovery channel, you owe it to yourself to read or listen to this book.

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