john said that “they” will know us by our love.

jesus said the entire law and the prophets comes down to love.

the “odds” (if you will) of you going door-to-door and finding the right person who’s all ready to “give thier life to christ” and you “leading them to the lord” are amazingly small.

i submit that you’d have more success winning people for the kingdom by working at starbucks, and loving the heck out of your co-workers and patrons.

basically, shining the light of the kingdom into a dark world is best done by “everyday” people, rather than “full time christian ministers”.

(like, i’m part-time?)

use your job as a context within which to engage in your purpose.

intentionally love your co-workers, being real with them, making friends with them, going to the movies, and the pub, and thier houses for parties, and the births of thier kids, and thier divorces, and funerals, and generally LOVE on them the way your parents love you (or should have, if they didn’t/don’t)…

…and, eventually, they give into the love that’s being shined thier way.

louis giglio says, “be the moon”.

that means, essentially, that you have no source of light on your own, but reflect only what the sun shins your way.

people think the moon is beautiful, and if you’re shining the love of christ, they will think YOU are, too.

but eventually they’ll start to realize that the light is reflected — and some of them will start looking for the sun itself.

it’s easy as can be — and the most natural thing in the world for a person who is really and truly following in christ’s steps.

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