mowing is embarrasing

i honestly have no idea how everyone is able to keep their stupid yards from having dandelions, and we’re not.

our effing back yard is full of them.

now, we are at the very end of a court of at least 60 homes, and the wind generally blows the same direction as the street — eastward.

i *know* everyone’s trash, basketballs, trashcans, straws, and trashBAGS end up in our yard, because i have to pick them all up all the time, so i assume that their stupid-ass dandelion seeds end up blowing our way, too.

but still — surely my yard isn’t the only one they light on?

and yet, my yard is nothing but dandelions from the hill back.

20 by 75 feet of weeds, and no grass.

it’s in sane in teh m3mbr41n3

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