you might be emergent if…

What’s Up with the Emergent Church and Kiwi?:

Smart alec answer – “no David, emergent people don’t bother reading the tripe on your blog!”

you might be emergent if…

  1. you’ve considered asking david crowder to write a new book of psalms
  2. you go to ikea mostly for the floor pillows and cheap candles
  3. you sometimes purposfully spill wine on the jones’ family memorial carpet
  4. you both: (a) agree with the creeds (b) don’t know what that means
  5. you have thought about making a pilgrimage to grand rapids
  6. you like to point out that shekhina is female, but haven’t yet bothered to google for what that might mean, yet, though you plan to get to it, soon, like, after you’re done looking up “liturgical”
  7. you don’t bother hitting the shift key for “god” or “jesus” or even “i”
  8. you are pretty sure paul didn’t mean quite what you think he means, or at least, you are pretty sure you’re not sure you think he might mean something other than you thought he meant, or… wait
  9. you find yourself complaining that there are only three wifi points in this whole church?!?!!?

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1 thought on “you might be emergent if…

  1. Is the Grand Rapids reference because of Mars Hill? I hope not, it’s hardly displaying ’emergent’ behaviour…

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