tempted into inaction

the thing about him is: he’s evil
so you overlook when he’s bad

when he rapes all your sisters and murders your brothers
and sets fire to your mom and your dad

when he kills hungry children
and sells them into slavery
when he prostitutes little girls

when he’s breaking up marriages,
when he’s bringing famine,
when pestilence he brings to shores

when entire tribes go to war with each other
when it is safe for no man

when he tells every one that there is no love
and so there is none in the land

when hate is the answer to all of your fears
and all who live are afraid

and when everyone’s looking over their shoulders
and then tripping into their graves

you tend not to notice
you tend to ignore it
you tend to just let him be

after all, you say, he is the evil one
it has nothing to do with me

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