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choosing whom to trust

burdens carried by two people
can seem lighter or heavier
depending on who is sharing the load

a couch whose one end is lifted by
an especially strong boy
seems to almost not be there at all
for you

while if you ask the wrong person to help
it would have been easier to do it
by yourself

of writing.

a billion false starts
a handful of hopeful joys


you know that it can’t last you know
you don’t have time to make it work
you know that it won’t be the thing
you know that all’s ahead is hurt

you know that you can’t do this thing
you don’t have the heart you know
you know what i’m trying to tell you
you know where it’s going to go

you know where this love will take you
you know the why if not the when
you know all the pain that’s coming
you will hate her in the end

you will hate her as you love her
you will wish you had not met
you will dream of her forever
you will always know regret

do this thing and you will know hate
do this thing and you will cry
do this thing and you will kill you
you will love her, then you’ll die


this will hurt you more than it hurts me
but just you sit for it and bleed

i’m sure to cut you: prepare for pain
i’m sure to scar you: you’re to blame

i’m sure to need to poke and prod and slice and burn and scrape
i’m sure to go in deep and drill you: numb and pain and ache

our time together’s for your good, now
don’t you ever doubt its true

i claim to help you by my hurting, gnawing painful screw

subjected now to pain and noise
of instruments of steel and speed

that bore deep into your body’s armor
digging out your flesh and teeth

that mouth you have
is quite diseased
filth had set up home, and wrecked

and i must scold you for the way my precepts you reject

i’ve made plain before you
how you are to change your shameful ways

and yet you have refused my teachings,
pretended truth can change

the consequences of your actions
are the pain you feel

this chair you’re sitting is is yours
you made it, i just heal


that’s it
i’ve got
i know what i need now
i had reservations before
but now there’s no doubt
i need to find me a woman who drives a choice hummer
i huge belching beastling with fat tires and a snout

it’s perfect
it’s manly
it’s just what i need now
all of the other cars
are just way too darn small
i need to find me a woman who drives a choice hummer
i can ride to the grocery and i’ll be so very tall

the good thing about hummers
is you don’t have to care
if there’s an escort or sunfire in your way
you can pretty much assume that they’ll move or be sorry
so you’re free to talk on your cellphone all day!

somewhere in africa there’s a girl who’s parents have died of aids

i sit in a big comfy chair
sad that the girl i love ignores me
getting fat on anti-depressants

when most of the people who’ve ever lived
have died of hunger

if seething is believing

if i write enough words
if i hope it a lot
if i wonder about it
if i wish it would stop

if i plead with the air
if i cry to the night
if i hope against hope
if i burn at the slight

if i act very sad
if i mope all around
if i beg of the fates
if i wear only frowns

if i holler and yell
if i kick and i scream
if i shout all about it
if i get really mean

if i can not go on
if i lose all my tact
if i throw a tantrum
will it make you come back?

fathers day 2005

my father taught me to listen
to look people right in their eyes
to try your hardest to know what they’re saying
in spite of their words or their lies

my father taught me to work
that a full day grants a good rest
to mean to do well when doing one’s job
to concentrate on doing one’s best

my father taught me to care for my wife
by the way that he cares for his own
she’s his most prized asset
his most wonderful joy
he knows that he’s got her on loan

my father taught me to do things on purpose
to plan and to mean to make good
to draw out and measure and measure again
get the most of one piece of wood

and my father taught me when i don’t do all this
to get up and try it again
and since my god goes with me that my life is bigger
than all of the sum of my sin

holding pattern

waiting for something
that may never happen
is such a strange thing for a body to feel

anxious and nervous
and want the wait to be over
but still do not want the moment to appear

clocks can move backwards
when they know we are waiting
they sense that it’s tense and they like to play tricks

try to do small things
to slow down the worry
but brains betray and go back there right quick

tempted into inaction

the thing about him is: he’s evil
so you overlook when he’s bad

when he rapes all your sisters and murders your brothers
and sets fire to your mom and your dad

when he kills hungry children
and sells them into slavery
when he prostitutes little girls

when he’s breaking up marriages,
when he’s bringing famine,
when pestilence he brings to shores

when entire tribes go to war with each other
when it is safe for no man

when he tells every one that there is no love
and so there is none in the land

when hate is the answer to all of your fears
and all who live are afraid

and when everyone’s looking over their shoulders
and then tripping into their graves

you tend not to notice
you tend to ignore it
you tend to just let him be

after all, you say, he is the evil one
it has nothing to do with me


i’m sure it is hard
and i’m sure it’s not easy
i’m sure it’s no fun
and it’s making me queasy
i’m sure that it sucks
and i’m sure you get tired
of chasing down smoke
while i’m starting fires

you and i both

when it comes right down to it
people will fail you
they’re not to be trusted with important things

they will drop and break them
they are thoughtless and careless
they might ask forgiveness, but they’ll do it again

people will ask you to take chances on them
even though chances
are the last thing they’ll take

what they do take
is all of your time and your feelings
and they take your heart, it seems, just to break

because, after all
people are failures
they must not be trusted with things you adore

because of their knack
for punching your soft parts
because of their knack for picking your sores

i don’t think that people
do all this on purpose
anymore, perhaps, than they mean to breathe

rather, they do it
just for survival
they think that you also have stuff up your sleeve


(and not always)
it is better to just get away
to intentionally put foot to path
or key to hole
or car to highway

and sometimes
(but not always)
it is the wisest course of action
to quietly slip away with only a kind word
of reassurance that
all will be well in the future, but
right now a trip is required

and sometimes
(but not always)
it is better to go be in public
and just allow a moment’s rest
to come and hold your brain

you see sometimes
(but not always)
it must be true that simply
slipping away from the place you are currently at
is likely a very good idea



it is just too tempting

to kick a hornet’s nest

self deception

i’m running from honesty
as too much truth
might reveal what is really inside

i’m running from honesty
as too much hope
might contrast with the despair in my eyes

i’m running from honesty
as too much discernment
might read my mind

so i’m running from honesty
i can lie to myself
but never to you


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