this will hurt you more than it hurts me but just you sit for it and bleed i’m sure to cut you: prepare for pain i’m sure to scar you: you’re to blame i’m sure to need to poke and prod and slice and burn and scrape i’m sure to go in deep and drill […]


that’s it i’ve got i know what i need now i had reservations before but now there’s no doubt i need to find me a woman who drives a choice hummer i huge belching beastling with fat tires and a snout it’s perfect it’s manly it’s just what i need now all of the other […]

fathers day 2005

my father taught me to listen to look people right in their eyes to try your hardest to know what they’re saying in spite of their words or their lies my father taught me to work that a full day grants a good rest to mean to do well when doing one’s job to concentrate […]

holding pattern

waiting for something that may never happen is such a strange thing for a body to feel anxious and nervous and want the wait to be over but still do not want the moment to appear clocks can move backwards when they know we are waiting they sense that it’s tense and they like to […]

tempted into inaction

the thing about him is: he’s evil so you overlook when he’s bad when he rapes all your sisters and murders your brothers and sets fire to your mom and your dad when he kills hungry children and sells them into slavery when he prostitutes little girls when he’s breaking up marriages, when he’s bringing […]

you and i both

when it comes right down to it people will fail you they’re not to be trusted with important things they will drop and break them they are thoughtless and careless they might ask forgiveness, but they’ll do it again people will ask you to take chances on them even though chances are the last thing […]


sometimes (and not always) it is better to just get away to intentionally put foot to path or key to hole or car to highway and sometimes (but not always) it is the wisest course of action to quietly slip away with only a kind word of reassurance that all will be well in the […]

self deception

i’m running from honesty as too much truth might reveal what is really inside i’m running from honesty as too much hope might contrast with the despair in my eyes i’m running from honesty as too much discernment might read my mind so i’m running from honesty i can lie to myself but never to […]