Chris Corwin is a UX engineer at @salesforce who digs bourbon, beer, bikes, and beef. And pork. Aaand chicken. And asparagus. Food, really.

fancypants new "about me" bar

so, check out the new “About Me” bar down at the bottom of the page.

it uses the script.aculo.us library.

soooooo easy to implement.


i also put in a fade-in effect on the header graphic, but i think i hate it, so i may take it out.

but not tonight, as it is bed time, as 4:30 comes very early on mondays.

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went to the library (finally)

so, for several years, we had owed the library no tiny sum of money.

this is not one of those things you think about, most of the time.

i had neglected to return several CDs once, and then they went missing, and *poof*, the library wants them back…

and you find yourself wiht a multi–hundred dollar library fine.

no, really.

anyway, fast–forward five years, and my wonderful wife decides to do something about it, cause she rocks.

and it turns out they had wiped out our accounts, and we no longer owed them anything.

(apparently, they had to do this to a LOT of people, and killed off all inactive accounts older than three years. cool.)

so we went to the library and i checked out several CDs.


the godfoather’s lawyer gives an example of kingdom living. Toward a Praxis of Christian Disagreement: A…

Hayden had grown up with the Corleone boys and was practically a son to the Don. He had absolutely nothing to fear from this powerful producer and knew it. He was so confident that at the end of this encounter, though he’s just been insulted and rebuffed, he’s calm and collected enough to compliment Woltz on his body of work. work.

When it comes to matters of the Kingdom, we also can speak with such Olympic Calm. We serve the Creator of the universe and within the church against which the gates of hell shall not prevail. He has given us all that pertains to our life and we’ve no need to be anxious for anything.

There are surely critical times when love for God and others may demand that we raise our voice or endanger a relationship (and even here, there is an inner calm that can pertain born of our conviction and security). But many times, we are in a position to dispassionately stay above the controversy and be the voice of reason and perspective.

via emergesque

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88% on lebowski lore test

The Dude
You scored 88%
You had it all figured out by the end. Well, not quite all of it, but considering the strict drug and alcohol regimen you’ve been adhering to, and all those concussions you sustained, you’ve done exceedingly well. You’re clearly a fan, and I commend you on your sophisticated grasp of Lebowskian detail.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 69% on Lebowski lore

Link: The Big Lebowski Test written by JoeCoolJoe on Ok Cupid

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i made a lil pic in honor of his popenes


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from IEblog

I want to be clear that our intent is to build a platform that fully complies with the appropriate web standards, in particular CSS 2 ( 2.1, once it’s been Recommended). I think we will make a lot of progress against that in IE7 through our goal of removing the worst painful bugs that make our platform difficult to use for web developers.

this is very encouraging, even if most people’s faith in microsoft is so low that no one believes them.


meanwhile, there are an increasing number of flickr photos tagged with ie

i sure hope the thing doesn’t suck, in the end.

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things i love — *pop*

i love the sound a cork makes when you first open a bottle of wine.

that loud pop! sound is so satisfying.

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life stories — most traumatic childhood event

inspired by a poster at youthontherock.com, i am answering the question, “What was the most traumatic event experienced in your childhood?”

i remember being forced down into a bathtub full of ice cubes and water and then rushed to the hospital.

i don’t recall how old i was, or whatever cause or came from that story.

but i remember that tub full of ice, and how scared everyone was.

i also remember once dad hurt his arm pretty badly — that scared me a lot, as well.

neither one of those count as “most traumatic”, though.

the thing that must count as the single most traumatic is when i came into the living room, where mom and dad were watching television, because i couldn’t sleep, or had a bad dream, or something.

anyway — i remember seeing a girl on the tv — she was sad and beautiful, but something was…… wrong.

(i think i was about 7 or 8 here…)

i asked mom and dad what was wrong with the “pretty girl” — and they told me that she was dead.

i asked how she died.

they told me that she had committed suicide — which i had never heard of.

i asked what that meant, and they informed me that she had killed herself.

that was the first time i ever fell in love with someone.

i cried for what feels like hours, as i think back on it.

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nora & sal sleeping

nora sal sleeping
Originally uploaded by berbercarpet.

saturdays are so tiring…

real ultimate power


i have made a fun real ultimate power page:

And that’s what I call REAL Ultimate Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Flickr: BerberCarpet’s photos tagged with pets

i uploaded a whole bunch of pet photos to flickr today.

Flickr: BerberCarpet’s photos tagged with pets.

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A Picture Share!

poem: cascade

the pain from one era
drips over to others
and taints today with with yesterday

the slain from one decade
call out to this new one
and beg for hurt to go away

the mangled and slaughtered and pissed on and hated
and bruised and feeble and slighted
the murdered and pillaged
the beheaded
the ruined

a long view can show we’re short-sighted

if suddenly all wrongs were somehow avoided
if instantly injustice stopped
if all of we humans learned to be kind to each other
the screams from our past would still haunt

the blood of the innocent
calls out from the ground
our sins can not be denied

we’re cowards
we’re selfish
we’re deadly and awful
we destroy all we touch with our pride

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and proud we are of all of this

crazy where a links to flickerbulb turn up…

google cached version of some louisville website

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