the power of words

we say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but there is one aspect of words that we often overlook: the power of voicing something.

most people are familiar with the concept of, if not the exact phrase, “speaking it into truth” (this is probably why no one likes it when i make car wreck jokes when people are late to something).

i have noticed the amazing power labeling something has.

as i have been dealing with depression the past few weeks, and with all the fallout that being depressed has had in my life, one thing that has really come home for me is the idea that speaking something tends to cement that idea in your head.

i can sit and have feelings and inklings and as long as they stay vague, they can stay below the surface, and i may not even be aware of them.

but to write them or to give them voice somehow seems to sink them in where they are.

it is a strange phenomenon.

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