strattera and suicidal thoughts, the news gets is wrong

i just heard from andy.

he called to let me know that he heard something on the news about that lilly had released some thing or other about strattera, and it causing suicidal thoughts, and wondered if i knew about it.

naturally, being a careful chris, i know that strattera is an SSRI, and like all such medications, missing doses is bad, bad news.

what is really going on with strattera though is that the labeling is being changed to say that in children and adolescents it may cause suicidal thoughts, which lilly’s lawyers will tell you is not the same thing as causing actual suicides.

plus, i’m not a child or adolescent.

as per usual with such matters, the news seems to have done an amazingly poor job of spelling out the real facts.

but i love that andy called to make sure i knew. 🙂

strattera has been so worth taking for me.

unlike ritalin, it has twenty-four hour control, which is cool, if you ask anybody.

it does not enable hyperfocusing the way ritalin does, and i do miss that, but even better than that is that it allows me to switch tasks easily.

with ritalin, i would get so focused on something that it took someone real effort to get my attention, and once my concentration was broken, that task was basically shot for the next twenty minutes as i re-gained my bearings.

with strattera, on the other hand, i can switch between tasks, and get after each one quickly and easily — much more like a non-ADDer.

which is sweet. and by sweet i mean R is for RAD.

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