homemade lamp — with water spigot switch

in 1994, i created a lamp out of plumbing materials, about ninety dollars worth of pipe, wire, switches and valves.

it houses any regular sized bulb, though right now there’s a “neon” christmas tree in it.

the lamp stands about six feet high, and you turn it on and off by turning the water spigot.

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i used to have a glass head on the lamp, but was never satisfied with how it was attached.

then the glass head broke in a move to new york, if i recall correctly.

but, then i got a NEW glass head — orange this time, but i have not taken the time to put it on the lamp.

that glass head is shown below:

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2 thoughts on “homemade lamp — with water spigot switch

  1. thanks yo.

    i really like it too. it cost about $90 in parts, all told.

    there’s a glass head that i used to keep on top of it, but that broke in a move. now i have a yellow glass head, but haven’t taken the time to mount it on top of the lamp.

    perhaps after christmas.

    for the the glass head sits in a can light on top of one of my speakers in the office.

    perhaps i’ll post about it next….

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