i got myself some christmas presents

i have gone and splurged on myself, a tad.

i got myself two bottles of good gin.

well, one bottle of good gin, and one bottle of really good gin.

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if you’re not a gin drinker (hi mom!), you will have no clue what the difference between “good gin” and “regular gin” and “really good gin” is, but trust me: the difference is discernible, and gin is one of those things where you really do get what you pay for.

tanqueray is a wonderful all-around gin, perfect for making martinis or gin and tonics with.

but the ten is simply delightful. it’s distilled in very small batches and has citrus botanicals.

it is wonderfully smooth, even neat.

(mom, “neat” is a drinking term, meaning not mixed with anything else. you see, generally, gin is used in mixed drinks. its main ingredient is juniper which makes gin an acquired taste for most people. however, the tanqueray ten is remarkably smooth for gin, and is yummy all by itself. i prefer it with a lime or orange twist.)

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1 thought on “i got myself some christmas presents

  1. Hi son…I still don’t feel a need to “drink”…but love ya enough to know that you still love me, too.

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