dog and pony show

it’s not about singing heart-lifting songs
it’s not about providing christian family
it’s not about tithing or about finding purpose
it’s not about being content and happy

it’s not about mothers it’s not about dads
it’s not about children, or siblings, or veterans
it’s not about grandparents or the next generation
it’s certainly not about fancy new buildings

it’s not about filling in blanks on your paper
it’s not about turning to page twelve sixty three
it’s not about passing notes down to your classmates
it’s not about doughnut holes or spilling your coffee

it’s not about race, it is not about strongholds
it’s not about making up for our past sins
it’s about loving our neighbors, and turning our cheeks
it’s about making disciples of all of the nations

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5 thoughts on “dog and pony show

  1. All I gotta say is… bravo. 🙂 So very true.

    Pardon my dumbness, but you do worksheets in church?

  2. Can I steal this and put it on my journal? I’ll acknowledge that it came from you… please?

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