bourne things

when i was a kid, my parents, my mom mostly, but my dad too, read the bourne identitty, and the following books.

i have always been a reader, and i tried to read these books at my mom’s request, as she knew i would like them, but i tried, one time, and i didn’t get into it.

now, at age thirty-two, i am in the middle of watching the movie, not because my mom liked the book but because i like matt damon, and i checked out some nintendo gamecpube games from a movie-rental place, and for signing up for an account i got a free movie, too, and the bourne identity had matt damon in it.

and suddenly i am finding myself thinking i missed something big.

now, i’m not an indie snob. i like the bands i like, no matter what other people think.

but suddenly i’m faced with the idea that i had the chance to like some books, in the eighties…

and here it is the year 2006, and i have never read them…

and they are likely very good.


to make up for this oversight in my personal inventory of “have read”, i have requested all of the books related to this series that i can find from my local library.

mom: you were right, and i was wrong.

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2 thoughts on “bourne things

  1. i have a copy of the bourne identity that you can borrow with no fear of late fees. i read it when i was in charleston for a training and went immediately to the theatre and sat through the movie hating what they did to the book.

    if you liked the movie – the book will blow. you. away.

  2. Meh. I wasn’t really a fan of the book, although I loved the movie. If you like Tom Clancy, you’ll like it. A bit too involved for my taste, but sometimes, let’s be honest, my taste is bad. 🙂 Enjoy!

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