open letter to the lady i sometimes see in my neighborhood, when driving to the store in the evenings (a physics lesson)

dear lady in my neighborhood, contrary to what you may well always have believed: when it is dark outside, and you thus have all the lights in your house on. and when you are in your bedroom (the one that overlooks the street, on the four-way-stop). and when you look up to examine your very […]

Overheard in New York: The Voice of the City – They Started at the Mystery Section

Girl: Excuse me, do you have any biographies of TuPac?Library guy: Probably, though they’d be with the other biographies on the second floor.Dude: But isn’t this the fiction section?Library guy: It is. You might be able to find some books about him in non-fiction.Girl: “Non-fiction”?Library guy: Non-fiction means true.Dude: …And fiction means false.Library guy: Sort […]