nabisco’s website is lame-ass

and i told them so, in a recent email:

okay, where to start?

oh, how about here:

first of all, this form is rediculous.



secondly, it says to “Include all of your thoughts, ideas or comments below.”

ALL of my thoughts?

are you serious?

thirdly, what i dug around your lame-ass website to find the very well hidden contact us page:

your site is lame-ass.

i came to it to find out information about triscuits, and the triscuits page is basically nothing important.

it’s slow-loading, requires flash, and has zero information.

i hate you.



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3 thoughts on “nabisco’s website is lame-ass

  1. Why are you putting energy in finding information about the “triscuits”? To blog about it is bordering on insanity, and to have strong opinions about it beyond my comprehension—is is most things…

  2. listen here, crazy lady πŸ˜‰

    i’ll blog about what i want, when i want, ya hear?

    and i happen to have many friends from other lands, not all of them are familiar with the wide array of salty snacks and crackers we have in the US of A.

    i was trying to show one such person a “triscuit”.

    (because i had accidently bought the low-fat kind, which are awful)


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