an answer to the ice penises!

art said…

It’s a cool, if less spectacular than pseudophallic, effect. The cube of water freezes, let’s assume more or less equally all around, trapping liquid water inside. This water has to freeze too, or else you’ve pretty much missed the point of ice cubes. But since water expands when it becomes a solid, it has to find a way out. Your ice cube tray is for all purposes impermeable, since it applies even pressure all around. However, if the ice “crust” on the top is unevenly frozen, the water from the inside will push up and out. The more it pushes up and out, the higher the spike. Sometimes you’ll just get little bumps that are like those nasty deep pimples, and sometimes, you’ll see a bit of morning ice.

(this is regarding: flickerbulb: that’s… not. normal. O_o)

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2 thoughts on “an answer to the ice penises!

  1. as i re-read this, a couple things stand out at me.

    a) i should have thought of this. i mean, “duh”.

    b) “morning ice” — LOL

  2. yeah, but why are we just NOW noticing it. I’m 31 years old now. NEVER have I noticed it before the last year or so. Demons!

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