a chat transcript

Jason: ok, so i have a ctag that is making ISE’s
Jason: i put protect around the whole thing
Kyle: 8.1?
Jason: and return(error_msg) in the handle_error block
Jason: yes
Jason: so now it doesn’t ISE
Jason: but it doesn’t return anything either
Kyle: is it in a protected block?
Jason: define_tag; protect; … /protect; /define_tag;
Jason: like that
Jason: no atbegin either
Kyle: fail_clear; return(error_msg);
Kyle: does that make it work any differently?
Jason: yes, that slows my system to a crawl then it ISE’s
Kyle: ok take that out then
Jason: LOL

Listening to: 555 Dub Street from the album “King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown” by Augustus Pablo

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