new mail

so this was odd, or at least new (to me): b00ty:~/Library/Mail chris$ sudo lasso8ctl restartPassword:Restarting Lasso Service: DoneYou have new mail in /var/mail/chrisb00ty:~/Library/Mail chris$ cd /var/mail/chris what does this mean? Technorati Tags: ctl, email, Lasso, lasso8ctl, lazyweb, linux, macosx, mail, unix

"old people" on a blind date

so i’m sitting at the coffeeshop right near my house on sunday afternoon, drinking ice water and coding away on a project that i wish i had finished two weeks ago, and there’s a couple in here on what is obviously a blind date. and something about it just hit me: i was sitting here […]

overheard in indianapolis

Barista girl with exactly zero irony: What is Starbucks becoming?? It’s becoming McDonalds! Listening to: Brand New Colony from the album “Give Up” by The Postal Service Technorati Tags: barista, coffee, indiana, indianapolis, indy, irony, mcdonalds, overheard, overheardinindianapolis, overheardinindy, overheardinnewyork, overheardinny, starbucks

i want

An amazing step up from the Senseo, which has poor pressure and terrible tasting coffee (although you can find “better” third party pods out there). The Essenza makes a very good shot of espresso or ‘longo’ which isn’t hard to do when you realize it has 19 bars of pressure (same as their more expensive […]

so it’s not just "clean living" ?

Did you know that Pat Robertson can leg-press 2000 pounds! How does he do it? Where does Pat find the time and energy to host a daily, national TV show, head a world-wide ministry, develop visionary scholars, while traveling the globe as a statesman? One of Pat’s secrets to keeping his energy high and his […]

Williams-Sonoma | Catalog

Niman Ranch’s premium beef is produced on sustainable family ranches in the American West, where the animals are fed only grasses, grains and other all-natural feed. Niman Ranch’s strict guidelines ensure that the animals are hormone free, allowed to mature naturally and treated humanely. i assume they mean the cows are treated humanely right up […]

craigslist is fun

RE: a girl can hope, right?Date: 2006-05-23, 1:47PM EST >> The sexual innuendos were great and I still have>> that dress. Now that you’re free again, any>> chance we can hook up? mom??? i really enjoyed this. seen at Listening to: Tune Up / When The Lights Are Low from the album “Cookin’ With […]

some quick updates

my long time friend will, who drives a plane for the air force, sends this pic: i went bowling on saturday with jason huck and alex pilson. i got an orange ball, so that made up for the fact that i barely broke 220 between three games. saturday, after bowling, we went to a cookout. […]

funny photo

found at tripod travel and, just cause i know my mom reads this, and will be going… “why is that funny..?” here, mom, learn about Leet Listening to: 1020 Am from the album “Girls Can Tell” by Spoon Technorati Tags: funny, humor, leet, leetstreet, sign