loud drunk people and stickers onna powerbook

so i am sitting here at the broad ripple brewpub, coding on a medium-sized project.

near me are sitting, or rather were sitting, as just now they’ve gotten up to leave, a group of very loud/drunk people.

(i hear that drunk and loud often go hand in hand)

these people were perhaps in their mid to late forties, though i’m a terrible judge of age, as we humans tend to judge age as compared to ourselves, and i am about ten years behind the curve on both physical evidence of aging (i look young, apparently) and life experience.

in any case, this lot was boisterous, and the two evidently brothers of the group were in a story telling mood.

they were relating stories of their childhood, which seems like it would have ruined any normal person, and, now that i think on it, may well have ruined these two, as well.

the main audience for these stories was a woman at their table, whom has now left with one of these men, though there were three other people at the table with them.

the lady in question seems to know these guys’ mother, if not their father as well.

it was clear that their parents’ relationship was rocky, at best, and over long before the divorce which seems to have taken place at least two decades ago.

(on a completely tangential note: i used to work at radio shack, and we had this vhs tape to play on all the tvs and shitty-ass receivers we sold there. part of this loop had part of john f. kennedy’s speech about going to the moon, which i basically memorized. in it he says, “we choose to go to the moon in this decade and to the other things — not because they are easy but because they are hard.” the only thing this has to do with the parents divorce is that jack kennedy pronounced “decade” completely differently than i do. he put the main emphasis on the second syllable, and said the whole word almost as one syllable, so it came out `deh KADE` instead of `DECK ade`. anywhoo…)

the brothers told a story of when one of them came home from a date, late, to find the father parked in the driveway receiving an oral gift from some young lady he knew.

the father’s only response was, “get in the house and keep quiet, dumbass!

needless to say, no such thing was imaginable in my family, and i’m not sure how i’d deal with it.

crazy stuff.

now, the mother of this troupe was apparently rather… gruff.

she seemingly never had much good to say about anyone, but always spoke “the truth” (whatever that freaky thing is).

a quote, as well as i can remember it: “she ne’er even like my ex wife till we d’vorced! then she was her best friend!”

another quote: “she was almost always right on, though.”

this lead me to speculate (not out loud) that perhaps this person ought to have been better not divorcing his now ex-wife?

(another tangent, before i close this entry out: putting stickers all over my powerbook attracts attention, and not the way it did when it was un-sticker’d. just now an attractive young woman approached me asking to read my stickers, which lead to a wonderfully engaging conversation about american sign language, which she knows, and about how the language is growing and changing and how she likes being an interpreter. awesome.)

being in public is fun.


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