Troubleshooting Internet Explorer

Amy: You know the best part of IE?
Corey Donohoe: The x in the upper right corner?
David Favram: Chemical neutering?
Amy: No, we have three different computers running the same version of IE and sometimes all three behave differently. Like, REALLY differently.
David Favram: Yeah. Because parts of IE are written in only electrons. Since it’s impossible to know the exact position and velocity of said particle, those parts of the software are somewhat unpredictable.
Amy: “Why does it work on yours and not mine??” “I blame the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.”
Amy: “IE is both a particle and a wave”
David Favram: It’s more like a wave and a plop, if you ask me.

Troubleshooting Internet Explorer

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1 thought on “Troubleshooting Internet Explorer

  1. If you would like to share some details about the problems you’re running in to, we’d be delighted to try to understand what the problem is.

    -Chris Wilson
    Group Program Manager, IE Platform

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