moving things forward

i have started reading the book getting things done by david allen — a book that kind of took the world by storm last year, but that i am just now getting to. that concept, “getting things done” is one that i’ve struggled with ever since i have had things that needed to be done. […]

apparently, i am "smokin’ hot"

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60% gentleman

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36% sociopath

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55% normal

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57% indie

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35% american

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nightmare before christmas

i am watching the nightmare before christmas, because it is one of the few things that can keep my attention at 3 am. (i am trying to stay up, because my girlfriend, claire, lives in new zealand, and it’s only 7 pm there, and in 2.5 hours she’ll be home and we will have a […]

global voices

global consciousness is a fun little toy. there’s an os x dashboard widget, a mac screensaver, the website itself, and a little application to watch the comments fly by w/o the earth part. (full disclosure: my friend brad makes it)