open turntables night at the melody inn

this post is a couple days late, because the software i use to blog, ecto, was acting up.

it turns out that this was my own damn fault, as far as cause (i did some things that lead to ecto losing my username/password settings) but ecto’s error was less than helpful.

in any case, i can post again, here i go:

monday night was “open turntable night” at the melody inn, on 38th and illinois in indianapolis, indiana.

my friend, brad anderson (the one who makes the global consciousness site) signed up for a slot, and several of us went to support him.

(hahahah, i’m at the broadripple brew pub, and i just heard a guy say, “you can’t ride your bike on the monon at night? wack. whoTF says “wack” ??)

so anyway (gah, now that same guy is starting to annoy me, by talking toooo loud), a lot of us went, and it was loads of fun.

i went to brad’s place, and kimberli joined us there, and the three of us went up together.
there was no cover charge, which was nice.

the drinks were very cheap, and i stuck with PBR talls, though i sampled kim’s jack & coke and that stuff was strong.

we got there late enough that brad had to live with the last slot of the night, so we got a table, ordered our drinks, and settled in for three and a half ours of random DJs trying to entertain us.

um….. some of them were less than… enjoyable.

a couple of them were good, and two i thought were great.

the heavier-built chick who showed up a little late and played random college rock, movie clips and gawd knows what else was a lot of fun, and the “host”, who goes by “dj shimmercore” was pretty great with the scratchin’ .

but no body tore up the floor like my friend brad.

he picked perfect music, and by the end of us (too short) set, there were people dancing that just. don’t. dance. under normal circumstances.

(random bar note, again: some girls just showed up. one of them is in an ugly dress — pleats?? — and is walking around out here looking disdainfully at the tables, as if none of them are quite good enough for her. perhaps they’re not. that dress she’s wearing isn’t good enough for oscar the grouch’s floor.)

(and the loud dood is pissing me right off now. he’s complaining about his bank fees. loudly. and. it. hurts. my. ears.)

but brad was not normal circumstances — he picked good songs, and the transitions were great, and in just 30 minutes the dance floor went from 0 to about 9 people, most of whom seemed like they weren’t out there by force. (heh)

another fun thing about the night was meeting new people, specifically cortney.

it took kimberli and i some persuading to get her out on the floor, once brad came on, but then she got to dancing and it was lots of fun.


and now cortney has proposed we make it a monthly thing, and we’re gonna give it a shot.

july 17 is the next event.

all who read this are invited — even you, mom.


(bar note: this place used to play miles davis — right now i’m listening to some noisy punk ripoff stuff.. what happened?)

so, i have pics from monday night at flickr, and made a set. enjoy.

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