monkeys & locations: a chat transcript

Nikolaj de Fine Licht: white man should have left it untouched to the natives
Nikolaj de Fine Licht: remaining jungle…
Chris Corwin: yah
Nikolaj de Fine Licht: of course the creeps still think they have the right to walk all over the place… Its their place after all
Chris Corwin: and the natives should have left it untouched for the monkeys
Nikolaj de Fine Licht: lol
Nikolaj de Fine Licht: saw wild monkeys recently btw. cute
Chris Corwin: it’s funny how monkeys in south america stayed small, and in the trees
Chris Corwin: and monkeys in africa ended up buliding sky scrapers
Nikolaj de Fine Licht: lol 😀
Chris Corwin: location, location, location
Chris Corwin: nothing like a lion chasing your ass around the plain to motivate you to evolve, i guess

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