chickens without heads

recently i have been a busy chris.

i have been stressed, tired, but also enjoying myself and my friends and family, too.

today i finished my visa application form, the last form i need to complete & submit in order to enter new zealand in my quest to move there.

these things take, supposedly, five-to-ten working days to process, and then i’ll know whether i was approved.

apparently, getting approved isn’t hard, so long as the paperwork’s in order.

we shall see.

recent things in life:

  • i read all six harry potter books that are currently extant. they are incredible.
  • my “little brother” turned thirty.
  • i rented a storage unit, where i will keep my stuff while i’m overseas.
  • i found a place for trogdor to live.
  • i have started studying taoism, and am intrigued — likely will be more posts on this in the coming months.

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2 thoughts on “chickens without heads

  1. I used to study Taoism, until I learned that reading about the Tao was the least productive way to learn about the Tao. So I stopped. Haven’t picked up a book about the Tao since. That’s not a recommendation, just what I learned.
    I may still have a few, though. One I remember was The Wisdom of Laotse.
    Taoism is still the mosts honest philosophy I have seen, though it has been deitised in many countries, which completely compromises the point. It was the state religion of China for some time.
    For many years now, if I was forced to “say I was anything”, I would have said I was a Taoist, although that statement is absurd. I don’t think of it like that.

  2. much of what you’ve said mirrors what i’ve encountered — though reading is still likely my only way to come to understand it, at least what may be understood by reading.

    i have found a nice site with several english translations of the tau de ching — and you can compare them side-by-side, which is nice.

    plus i started “the tao of pooh”, hehe.

    i agree that it seems honest, and it does seem absurd to make it a “religion” — totally against the point.

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