more on starbucks

today was my second real shift at starbucks.

i have never had a job with less downtime — WOW is it busy, the entire damn time.

it’s hell of fun though.

the register is not nearly as overwhelming to run as i had feared — the interface is actually very well designed (even if it is clunky looking, being DOS-based) — and i am catching on quickly to being able to translate the customers’ random squawks into drink orders that likely resemble something like they were expecting to taste.

my drawer ended up being $200.00 over, however, which is the amount of money a drawer is supposed to start at, so clearly something went kinda wrong, and it wasn’t my fault.

and now i’m sitting at the kitchen table listening to the dryer suck the water out of my work clothes, and the sound is soothing for the puppy, and i feel pretty great right now.


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