hanging saddam

so they’re going to hang saddam in the next few minutes, apparently. hanging. they’re going to put a rope around his neck, and push him off a ledge so that he hangs there struggling for breath unless, that is, he’s lucky, and his neck breaks. welcome to the 21st century kids, we humans are some […]

sad coyote

a couple days ago i saw a very freshly dead coyote on the road near my house in camby, indiana. i stopped and toook photos: you can see the whole set here. Technorati Tags: blood, bloody, camby, canine, coyote, death, frown, gross, house, indiana, indianapolis, kill, road, roadkill, sad

on killer bees

the time has come to discuss killer bees. there was a time when people outside of the congo didn’t even know such things existed, but i have it on good authority that we will soon need to know as much about them as possible, as they have reached the eastern seaboard of the united states […]


wow i’m busy lately. it’s odd to have an actual schedule again for the first time in years, and not having internet access at home has kept me offline a lot, which has been very nice, actually. 😀 i posted a bunch of new photos to flickr today from the last couple weeks. the puppy […]

you don’t need that much time

We all thought she was telling us that she was pregnant again — by a different man! And as an example of how wrong my Aunt Martha was, concerning her point of view that my mother was “a little simple,” my mother instantly saw what we were thinking, and laughed at us, very quickly, and […]