2006 wrap up

2006 was a big year for me.


  • lost my grandfather
  • got divorced
  • made way more new friends than i’ve ever made in the previous thirty years of my life combined
  • fell in love — twice
  • got my heart broken
  • learned to stand up for myself
  • gave my dog away
  • almost moved to new zealand
  • became comfortable being myself for the first time
  • got a new puppy
  • spent almost $2,500 on my stupid-ass kia sportage keeping it running
  • learned how to make a very good cappuccino
  • moved downtown
  • spent christmas with an amazing woman and her beautiful six year old — first of many

i remember looking back at 2005 and forward to 2006 and thinking that it couldn’t be any worse, and i was right. 2006 was, all in all, my best year ever, despite some very hard things i had to endure (the hardest stuff is not listed above). 2007 looks to be perhaps one of my favorite years ever, too, from this side of midnight. happy new year.

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