when horrible monsters come over to play andask you to share of your toys andyou’re tempted to ask them stay overnight inspite of the horrible noise then, horrible monsters will break all your things butat least they will look in your eyes andat least they bother noticing you plusmaybe they’ll teach you to fly (?) […]

interview wednesday

on wednesday afternoon i have a second interview with perficient, a company who found and seemed to like my resume. as much as i have loved working at starbucks (no, really, it is fun) the position i am interviewing for sounds perfect for me: working with java developers to improve the usability and style […]

…and they won…

yay colts! i got cut early, sorta, and got to hear the start of the second half, and got home in time to watch the last half of the third quarter onward. plus, my ray of sunshine had made scrimps and wings and veggies with dip and it was a nice welcome home. Technorati Tags: […]