when horrible monsters come over to play and
ask you to share of your toys and
you’re tempted to ask them stay overnight in
spite of the horrible noise then,

horrible monsters will break all your things but
at least they will look in your eyes and
at least they bother noticing you plus
maybe they’ll teach you to fly (?) now

horrible monsters are dangerous playmates:
you’re as likely as not to get eaten, but
horrible fun’s better than horrible loneliness and
you mostly avoid getting beaten, so

horrible monsters are now welcome over
at times it seems like they’ve moved in and
the place is starting to look rather horrible but
you’re grateful just to have friends, now

of course, the thing about horrible monsters
(besides the teeth and the hate) is
how often they convince you to behave rather horribly — is how often
your resolve they break and

horrible monsters are awfully convincing
you mean not to do it, you try to resist but
they use their horrible claws on your soft parts, you see
horrible monsters insist, and

so you give in to horrible monsters and
do what horrible monsters do, then
one year you find you’re a horrible monster, and
you hate everything about you

written on sunday, May 29, 2005 at 9:32 pm

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3 thoughts on “desire

  1. ya, i like it muchest. i am like you and write only total shite when i am happy. happy is a simple feeling. poetry is complex.

    still, i’ll take happy. and am glad you have it too!!

  2. Hey Chris. I haven’t talked to you in a while. How have things been? I think I sent you a PM a while back but you never responded. Anyway, if I don’t hear from you, take it easy man.


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