i am, at this very moment, i am having to re-learn how to use flash, which is now in version eight. the last time i used flash it was in version 4. things have changed. wow.

Evolutionary computer improves its hardware with genetic algorithms

Evolutionary computer improves its hardware with genetic algorithms: Cory Doctorow: Techies at the University of Oslo have built an evolutionary computer that changes its design using genetic algorithms to improve performance: What their hardware does is par up “genes” in the hardware to find the hardware design that is the most effective to accomplish the […]

embarassingly bad at blogging

latest news: i started a new job at imagenation, and i like it. i still work for starbucks; hopefully, one day, that will change. today was a wonderful 68 degrees fahrenheit and i walked to bazbaux from imagenation cause it’s that close and i saw a guy walking an italian greyhound and it made me […]


so, my computer sucked for a while, but i finally fixed it, which required re-installing os x, from scratch, after doing a low-level HD wipe. then i couldn’t find my serial number for my blogging software (ecto) and so it’s been a good while since i posted. over a month?!!? wow! today i watched a […]