embarassingly bad at blogging

latest news:

i started a new job at imagenation, and i like it.

i still work for starbucks; hopefully, one day, that will change.

today was a wonderful 68 degrees fahrenheit and i walked to bazbaux from imagenation cause it’s that close and i saw a guy walking an italian greyhound and it made me smile and i was already smiling cause life was beautiful today, and then i drank my five-shot iced grande espresso and enjoyed being outside in shortsleeves and it was neato, yo.

then my ray of sunshine and i took j2 to judo and then i went to the pharmacy at o’malias, but i forgot my prescription, so i’ll have to go back tomorrow and try again. grr.

then i got stuck at a train on the way home, but i was rocking out to they got lost, which is my favorite they might be giants album, so all was ok.

plus, the train was full of, not only sea containers, but schneider sea containers, and that made me smile.

by the way: tom is still in my top eight.

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1 thought on “embarassingly bad at blogging

  1. ya! new job, congrats! i think i am worse at blogging than you, so don’t feel bad.

    hope all is well. we have a two doggies now. all we need is babies. but don’t tell brad. 😛

    love ya!

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