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  1. You’re welcome, Georgina(?). I didn’t mean to imply reviews are the most important way to judge a book, so thank you for pointing out that we should always read the blurb and sample pages. Some authors say they never read reviews of their books, so even an honest one wouldn’t help them grow, but I do read mine for that reason.

  2. Je suis vraiment super fan de ton style ! On voit que ce n’est pas copié, que tu t’appropries les fringues et les tendances, et meme dans des tenues basiques tu as toujours LE petit truc en plus … En plus tu es méga jolie. Je t’ajoutes dans ma blogroll, tu le mérites franchement ! Bisous

  3. …"How about Yolanda Fortyounce who keeps voting in clowns like Obama who promise to take Steve Job's money and spread it to them?"Steve Jobs probably paid a lower tax rate than Yolanda.9:46 AMIndeed. He took a salary of $1 and lived on his options, which are taxed at the lower capital gains rate.

  4. *dÃ¥ne* Nææææææææ, no vart æ bra gla… Ingen lettkledde bilder som jeg først sÃ¥g for meg, men det gjør ingenting, du er dønn herlig baben min *mim*Kjenner det i hjertet nÃ¥, hvor mye jeg savner deg <3 Nydelige lille snuppa mi som jeg er sÃ¥ utrolig glad i! *flørte*LÃ¥v ju snuppi! <3

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