A Question for Christians: Does God make the rules or not?

Why Does Human Sacrifice Make Everything Better?

Christians are often known to speak of the sacrifice of Jesus as essential for our salvation. “Without the blood of Christ, there can be no remission of sin.” What they can’t seem to answer is why …. The ultimate human sacrifice would be one either chosen by God or (if this is your view of Jesus) the actual avatar (worldly incarnation) of God. In modern society (now that we should think about leaving our superstitious beliefs behind), we should start to question this assumption.

Forgiveness: A Decision That Needs No Ritual
We are capable of forgiving others without killing our own sons. Why should we think that we are better able to forgive than God? Whether or not Jesus was supposed to be the avatar of God, if it was God’s will that Jesus be the ultimate sacrifice so mortals could gain God’s forgiveness, then the entire ritual of sacrifice becomes superfluous. Forgiveness occurs when the decision to forgive is made. If God had a plan to forgive mortals, then it was already done. Why is there the need to go through with the bloody ritual?

A Question for Christians: Does God make the rules or not? What higher power could compel God to go through a bloody ritual just to allow the changing of a rule that God made in the first place?

from a chapter of a book that addresses one of the big questions that led me away from christianity: god vs. the bible, chapter 8

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