Dog mauls girl, 7, in Westside yard |

A 7-year-old girl suffered injuries to her arm and head after a dog mauled her Thursday on the Westside, police said.

Cassidy Jones was playing outside when the chow-mix dog attacked her in her family’s yard in the 1300 block of South Whitcomb Avenue about 6 p.m., according to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department reports.
The animal ripped about five inches of skin from Cassidy’s left arm — a wound so deep that Animal Care and Control Officer Sara Lane saw bone, a report said.

you never, ever, ever ever ever ever ever read about dog maulings from labs, malemutes, or almost any other breed.

what is it with chows?

Dog mauls girl, 7, in Westside yard |

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2 thoughts on “Dog mauls girl, 7, in Westside yard |

  1. The breeds you listed are working dogs. So, they tend to, you know, want to work. My dog’s a shepherd, which is why he’s always so keen to put the cat right where he thinks the cat ought to be. But, Chows were bread to guard, I believe, and like Pit Bulls (the gladiators of the dog world), Pinschers and others, they tend to do what they were bread to do, unless instructed otherwise.

    When we went to the shelter to pick out our boy, it was filled with Chows and Chow mixes. I think people get them because they look cool, like big, orange lions. But, humans are stupid and don’t think ahead. Chows are powerful dogs when they grow up, and they want to do what they were bread to do. I’ve also heard that they’re escape artists.

    People really shouldn’t buy a breed until they know how to care for that breed, but they do. They buy Chows, don’t bother to train them properly. Then, they dump them at the shelter when the dogs get too big for them to handle.

    We tried to walk the adult male Chow at the shelter, just to see how he was. He nearly pulled me over. I don’t think anyone ever bothered to teach that dog how to walk on a leash, let alone anything else, and it makes me sad that he’s now in a shelter because of it.

    I nearly cried putting that poor boy back in his cage. He just needed a firmer hand. I believe they are one of the breeds that has been screwed over by human carelessness.

  2. i’m tempted to do two things:

    1) empathize with jr and add pit bulls to the list, as there are always so many in the shelters that take them and many shelters just euthanize them from the get-go. no acceptee pit bulls, thank you. really, they can be quite lovely dogs…our sasha is part in fact. in short, humans are stupid.

    2) make a joke and say, well, f**k…the dogs (chows) have black tongues. black tongues! if that doesn’t indicate their evil possibilities, indeed likelihoods, i don’t know what might. in short, humans are stupid. remix.

    hi chris. 🙂

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