Which is the Greatest Trilogy?

Frodo is our hero here, the lowly hobbit farmer who is destined to be his people’s savior. There was symbolism in the Frodo name, too, as in the Bakshi original film the character sported a gigantic afro that was, in fact, his primary weapon in battle. A number of factors, including technical limitations and racism, caused Peter Jackson to ditch that look for ‘Frodo after just a few test screenings.

Unfortunately, this robbed the character of any emotional resonance he may have had with the audience. From Jackson’s insulting portrayal of women – Legolas is reduced to simplistic, mindless interjections (“a diversion!”) and decorating the scenery with her beauty – to his dwarf who, in every single sentence, mentions the fact that he is a dwarf, Jackson’s cast of characters is a group one would long to never meet in real life.

Which is the Greatest Trilogy?

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