obama is the man we need: he likes big dogs

“It’s like a little yappy dog?” Obama asked Walters, foolishly ignoring his wife’s advice not to criticize. “It, like, sits in your lap and things?” queried the skeptical president-elect. Michelle, still trying to save her husband from himself, pronounced the dog “cute.” Barack wasn’t buying it. “It sounds kind of like a…a girly dog,” he […]


so i’m on line at the gas station, waiting to pre pay, and this 6 foot 7 black dood in a brown velvet track suit comes in, talking loudly on his cell phone LISTEN MAN, I TOLD YOU — YOU CAN DO DAT SHIT, BUT DO NOT GET CAUGHT I BE FUCKING ALL MY GIRL’S […]

Which is the Greatest Trilogy?

Frodo is our hero here, the lowly hobbit farmer who is destined to be his people’s savior. There was symbolism in the Frodo name, too, as in the Bakshi original film the character sported a gigantic afro that was, in fact, his primary weapon in battle. A number of factors, including technical limitations and racism, […]

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snow is coming!

A Snow Advisory Remains IN Effect From 10 PM This Evening To 6 PM EST Wednesday. Snow Is Expected To Begin Late This Evening…And Continue Through Wednesday. At This Point…The Heaviest Snow Is Expected To Fall From About 300 AM EST Wednesday Until About The Noon Hour. Present Indications Suggest That 3 To Locally 5 […]

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i rank number one!

in response to david ng’s idea, explained here: I’d like to suggest a meme, where the premise is that you will attempt to find 5 statements, which if you were to type into google (preferably google.com, but we’ll take the other country specific ones if need be), you’ll find that you are returned with your […]

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