on bad web design

i am sick of bad web design.

people who know me well are already chuckling at me — knowing that bed web design is something i have been sick of since, oh, 1996 or so.

but just now i was trying to read a blog post.

i use NetNewsWire to read blog posts with, mostly, and it’s a fantastic product for numerous reasons, but one of the main ones is that it allows me to display blog posts using my own styles.

i have created a NNW style sheet for reading blogs with good typography, always the same style, always pleasant to read.

which gets me back to my point: most websites are downright lousy for actually reading.

i was just reading a wonderful article that is downright arduous to read simply because of how crappy the typography on the site i was reading it on is.

this is a shame.

i wish there was an easy, reliable, way to turn any crappy website into a well-laid-out, well-designed, easy-to-read website, the way i can read blog posts.*

* side note: i HATE when blogs only put part of a blog post in the part that shows up in my reader, and make me open the post in a web browser to read the whole thing.

fortunately, netnewswire allows me to do this easily, and without opening a new program, but sheesh — allow me to read the whole post in the reader and not in a web page.


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