you know what else is cool?

so, once, when he lived in arizona — a place so hot that they think 90 degrees f is “kinda nice out” — he was leaving his apartment with xbox under his arm, on his way to a LAN party.

(yes, he now works in IT)

anyway, outside his apartment, in the hallway, was an evangelist, a young one.

Kid in White TShirt: Is that an XBOX?
Jason: Yes.
Kid: Cool.
Jason: Thanks.
Kid: You know what else is cool?
Jason: *blink*
Kid: The Book of Mormon

2 thoughts on “you know what else is cool?

  1. woo hoo!!!

    you know what else is cool? having your dog bite a hole in your hand.

    at least that’s what i hear.

  2. My favorite time peorid would have to be from when the Wii came out all the way to now. Sony came out with the Playstation Move so you can be more interactive with your games instead of vegetating in front of the TV and only having your thumbs get exercise. Microsoft came out with Kinect so that your WHOLE BODY is the controller! I don’t know but I’d have to say it’s pretty cool. The wii was a fantastic Idea and I always loved Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong. You know, all the classics!But honestly. I agree with you. You can never beat the classics.

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