eventually, we’ll use this place up

anyone who’s had a real conversation with me about the web, or space travel, or time travel, or religion, in the past three years has heard something now backed up by data:

if we human beings intend to make it to the last days of the universe, we’re going to have to waste less and use resources better.

now i can cite a peer reviewed article, instead of just spouting off:

“Effectively, the Earth’s regenerative capacity can no longer keep up with demand – people are turning resources into waste faster than nature can turn waste back into resources.

“A moderate business-as-usual scenario, based on United Nations projections of slow, steady growth of economies and populations, suggests that by 2050, humanity’s demand on nature will be twice the biosphere’s productive capacity.”

Earth Can’t Cope, New Planets Needed | LiveScience

2 thoughts on “eventually, we’ll use this place up

  1. I think this makes me a bad person, but that stat really scares me. Why? My exact thought was “I’m probably still going to be alive in 2050.” (Not, “we should take care of the Earth for our children’s children,” but this is MY lifespan we’re talking about.) Sometimes I feel like we ARE a virus.

  2. of course we’re a virus, J. but the planet can’t cope if we continue BAU. there are possibilities for sustainability, if we stop digging up our resources and instead rely on what we’ve already stolen from the earth. man, i love my geology class.

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