Climatic Heresy: 1

Human activity may indeed be affecting the climate, but after reading the calm, methodical statements by the “deniers,” I’m no longer willing to believe that anyone has a complete model of the complex, chaotic systems that determine global temperature, and I regret that the simplistic fear-metaphors used by people such as Al Gore have tended […]

Forget Red vs. Blue — It’s the Educated vs. People Easily Fooled by Propaganda | Media and Technology | AlterNet

The change from a print-based to an image-based society has transformed our nation. Huge segments of our population, especially those who live in the embrace of the Christian right and the consumer culture, are completely unmoored from reality. They lack the capacity to search for truth and cope rationally with our mounting social and economic […]

george bush rushes to kill off animals before obama can stop him

classy move, bush. just fantastic: Animals and plants in danger of becoming extinct could lose the protection of government experts who make sure that dams, highways and other projects don’t pose a threat, under regulations the Bush administration is set to put in place before President-elect Obama can reverse them. The rules must be published […]

Teen Finds Way to Decompose Plastic Bags in Just 3 Months! : TreeHugger

“If ordinary plastic bags would rot away like banana peels there’s no doubt a host of environmental problems would be solved, the fate of the turtle above included. And one 11th grader from Canada set out to make that dream come true as part of his school science project. A wildly successful endeavor he figures […]

Neatorama » Blog Archive » Wal-Mart Wants Disabled Woman’s Long-Term Care Money Back

i have been boycotting wal*mart for years, and the story quoted from below is just one more reason to keep it up. what a horribly evil company: Debbie Shank suffered severe brain damage after a traffic accident 8 years ago that robbed her of much of her memory. She cries every time she’s told that […]

end Japanese whaling

February 7, 2008—To call attention to Japanese whaling practices, the Australian government released video captured on the ocean near Antarctica. Warning: graphic imagery. Video: Grisly Whaling Video Released the video linked to above is simply disgusting. it’s hard enough to think about killing animals, even for food, but to think about how these very intelligent […]

found a local market that i’m going to love: Goose The Market

i am a big proponent of eating food that is grown and produced within 100 miles of home whenever possible. i just fell in love with this place: It may be easier to give you an idea of what you won’t find. Just to give you an idea you won’t find tomatoes in January, you […]

  The Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Gasoline Consumption by Daily Fuel Economy Tip

If you do have to drive, minimize the amount of time you sit in idle. Here’s a pretty easy general rule of thumb to remember: if you’re car’s running and you’re not moving, your gas mileage has dropped to zero mpg. I know for many of this, this is probably easier said than done, especially […]