Abortion: Healing or New Culture War? The Choice is Obama’s

President-elect Obama has said that he will sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) shortly after assuming office. The act would strike down local and state laws related to limiting abortion, parental notification and such. This act might also be used to force doctors, nurses and other medical personal to either perform abortions and/or refer women to doctors that do. According to some reports, President-elect Obama may even sign FOCA as one of his first (and therefore most closely scrutinized) initiatives as president.

That would be a huge mistake.

Please note: I’m an Obama fan, a one-time lifelong Republican who voted for Mr. Obama and wrote extensively in support of him here, probably as many positive heartfelt words about and for Mr. Obama as any other blogger on this site.

But here’s my question for the President-elect: Why start Round Two of the culture wars as one of your first acts as president?

Abortion: Healing or New Culture War? The Choice is Obama’s

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