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MSNBC: “Obama’s rating at all-time high”

“What is amazing here is how much political capital Obama has spent in the first six weeks,” said Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart, who conducted this survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff. “And against that, he stands at the end of this six weeks with as much or more capital in the bank.”

By comparison, the Republican Party — which resisted Obama’s recently passed stimulus plan and has criticized the spending in his budget — finds its favorability at an all-time low. It also receives most of the blame for the current partisanship in Washington and trails the Democrats by nearly 30 percentage points on the question of which party could best lead the nation out of recession.

Poll: Obama’s rating at all-time high – White House- msnbc.com

omnivore wins the comments

the internet will make available long-obsolete media, produced incidentally, and not for its long-term value, for others to draw ironic conclusions about, allowing the blindness, limitations and stupidity of all previous generations to be demonstrated, while offering opportunities for self-regarding individuals in the present to create self-congratulatory comparisons with their own incisive, far seeing 20-20 hindsight.


unfortunately for the self-regarding individuals (aka ‘bloggers’), the above will continue to be true.

Future of News video from 1981: epitome of dumb futurism – Boing Boing

Op-Ed Columnist – The Evil Behind the Smiles – NYTimes.com

“My first phrase in Khmer,” the Cambodian language, “was, ‘I want to sleep with you,’ ” she said. “My first phrase in English was” — well, it’s unprintable.

Sina mostly followed instructions and smiled alluringly at men because she would have been beaten if men didn’t choose her. But sometimes she was in such pain that she resisted, and then she said she would be dragged down to a torture chamber in the basement.

“Many of the brothels have these torture chambers,” she said. “They are underground because then the girls’ screams are muffled.”

As in many brothels, the torture of choice was electric shocks. Sina would be tied down, doused in water and then prodded with wires running from the 220-volt wall outlet. The jolt causes intense pain, sometimes evacuation of the bladder and bowel — and even unconsciousness.

Shocks fit well into the brothel business model because they cause agonizing pain and terrify the girls without damaging their looks or undermining their market value.

Op-Ed Columnist – The Evil Behind the Smiles – NYTimes.com

Abortion: Healing or New Culture War? The Choice is Obama’s

President-elect Obama has said that he will sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) shortly after assuming office. The act would strike down local and state laws related to limiting abortion, parental notification and such. This act might also be used to force doctors, nurses and other medical personal to either perform abortions and/or refer women to doctors that do. According to some reports, President-elect Obama may even sign FOCA as one of his first (and therefore most closely scrutinized) initiatives as president.

That would be a huge mistake.

Please note: I’m an Obama fan, a one-time lifelong Republican who voted for Mr. Obama and wrote extensively in support of him here, probably as many positive heartfelt words about and for Mr. Obama as any other blogger on this site.

But here’s my question for the President-elect: Why start Round Two of the culture wars as one of your first acts as president?

Abortion: Healing or New Culture War? The Choice is Obama’s

Skepchick: Critical Thinking at its Finest

don't believe in god?

A lot of Christians who have seen the billboards have found them offensive enough that they felt a need to complain. Some have even accused the billboards of being hate speech and denigrating Christians. One Christian driver who saw the billboard went so far as to say “It is a despicable act to allow that sign…” I, for one, can’t see how that is possible since the billboards are not speaking to or about Christians or people of faith, they are merely offering support to those unbelievers who may be living in the area.

Skepchick: Critical Thinking at its Finest

obama is the man we need: he likes big dogs

“It’s like a little yappy dog?” Obama asked Walters, foolishly ignoring his wife’s advice not to criticize.

“It, like, sits in your lap and things?” queried the skeptical president-elect.

Michelle, still trying to save her husband from himself, pronounced the dog “cute.”

Barack wasn’t buying it. “It sounds kind of like a…a girly dog,” he said, at which point his wife pointed out, “We’re girls. We have a house full of girls.”

Except for the, well, Top Dog, who forthwith issued an executive order. “We’re gonna have a big, rambunctious dog.”

What’s Wrong With Girly Dogs? – PostPartisan – Quick takes from The Post’s opinion writers

“Homes With Tails” — how to get broadband into all the world

America’s communications infrastructure is stuck at a copper wall. For the vast majority of homes, copper wires remain the principal means of getting broadband services. The deployment of fiber optic connections to the home would enable exponentially faster connections, and few dispute that upgrading to more robust infrastructure is essential to America’s economic growth. However, the costs of such an upgrade are daunting for private sector firms and even for governments. These facts add up to a public policy challenge.

A Copyfighter\’s Musings » Homes With Tails, the paper

The Information Paradox: Pro-Life..Pro-Choice…Both?

So, I guess I am a pro-life, pro-choice, pro-education atheist. Oddly enough this particular centrist view often makes me stand out in a crowd – my family and close friends lean toward the right and I am viewed as the liberal left-wing nut and to most others I am viewed as the conservative, uptight right- wing nut. I suppose it is easier to categorize someone than take the time to understand their views. We hear a phrase, jump to a conclusion and pigeon-hole someone before they can get away. It is a shame that I am not a pigeon.

The Information Paradox: Pro-Life..Pro-Choice…Both?

Worthy of Double Honor

Anyone who puts their body, soul, mind and strength at lifelong risk on behalf of us all is worthy of double honor.  They are to be esteemed in word and deed beyond a red, white and blue calendar day.  As of now the lofty ceremonies only highlight a national disgrace.            

Whether the veteran was a willing participant in war or a pawn of the President it matters not.  Whether the war was just it matters not.  Whether the veteran is permanently disabled it matters not.  Whether the veteran is an addict it matters not.  Whether you are a hawk or a dove it matters not.

I call on President Obama to make a one sentence policy proclamation.

“During the Obama administration no American veteran will ever go without proper medical care or go homeless, period.”

Worthy of Double Honor – The Seminal :: Independent Media and Politics

Forget Red vs. Blue — It’s the Educated vs. People Easily Fooled by Propaganda | Media and Technology | AlterNet

The change from a print-based to an image-based society has transformed our nation. Huge segments of our population, especially those who live in the embrace of the Christian right and the consumer culture, are completely unmoored from reality. They lack the capacity to search for truth and cope rationally with our mounting social and economic ills. They seek clarity, entertainment and order. They are willing to use force to impose this clarity on others, especially those who do not speak as they speak and think as they think. All the traditional tools of democracies, including dispassionate scientific and historical truth, facts, news and rational debate, are useless instruments in a world that lacks the capacity to use them.

Forget Red vs. Blue — It’s the Educated vs. People Easily Fooled by Propaganda | Media and Technology | AlterNet

george bush rushes to kill off animals before obama can stop him

classy move, bush.

just fantastic:

Animals and plants in danger of becoming extinct could lose the protection of government experts who make sure that dams, highways and other projects don’t pose a threat, under regulations the Bush administration is set to put in place before President-elect Obama can reverse them.

The rules must be published Friday to take effect before Obama is sworn in Jan. 20. Otherwise, he can undo them with the stroke of a pen.

The Interior Department rushed to complete the rules in three months over the objections of lawmakers and environmentalists who argued that they would weaken how a landmark conservation law is applied.

Bush To Relax Endangered Species Regulations Before Obama Can Reverse Them

How Did Sarah Palin Spend $150,000?

Sarah Palin:

Ralph Lauren Klondike jacket $4,598
Ralph Lauren Collection jacket $4,798
Ralph Lauren Collection wool turtleneck $855
Armani Collezioni cashmere jacket $1,925
Armani Collezioni blouse $755
Armani Collezioni skirt $960
Armani Collezioni twill jersey jacket $1,325
Armani Collezioni twill jersey skirt $715
Armani Collezioni jersey jacket $1,635
Armani Collezioni jersey tank jacket $1,065
Giorgio Armani quilted jacket $4,375
Loro Piana chinchilla and cashmere sweater coat $5,395
Loro Piana Dolce Vita cashmere turtleneck $755
Loro Piana velvet pants $675
Loro Piana Promenade storm trench $3,695
Dior Leather trim jacket $2,385
Dior Leather trim skirt $1,375
Valentino origami front dress $3,750
Valentino cashmere jacket $3,990
Valentino jacket that Palin wore at the 2008 Republican National Convention $4,990
Valentino skirt that she wore at the R.N.C. $1,490
Dolce & Gabbana herringbone pants $950
Dolce & Gabbana herringbone vested jacket $3,595
Dolce & Gabbana chambray blouse $395
Nina Ricci piped jacket $3,190
Nina Ricci leaf-print blouse $2,290
Nina Ricci piped skirt $1,290
Chanel suit $11,755
Carine Gilson bra $580
Carine Gilson briefs $275
Carine Gilson chemise $968
Wolford Body shirt $370
Wolford bodysuit $220
Wolford stockings $46
Fogal cashmere stockings $365
Louis Vuitton Alzer 80 suitcase $6,550
Hermès carry-on suitcase $4,400
VBH ostrich weekender bag $6,975
Christian Louboutin simple pumps $575
Christian Louboutin croc pumps $4,300
Manolo Blahnik pumps $595
Valentino Histoire tote bag $1,795
YSL Muse bag $1,295
Chanel large classic flap bag $2,875
Valextra croc handbag $20,000
Valextra croc wallet $2,000
Hermès silk scarf $375
Bulgari sunglasses $430
Kazuo Kawasaki glasses $375
Patek Philippe watch $22,000

TOTAL $152,335

How Did Sarah Palin Spend $150,000?

Frank Schaeffer: Sarah Palin Will Never Be President — Trust Me

The small smear of red on the otherwise blue electoral map looks more like a minor bloodstain on a dirty Band-Aid than anything resembling a national political party. Who voted for McCain/Palin in bigger numbers than they even voted for Bush/Cheney? Only one shrinking group: uneducated white folks in the deep south and a few folks in Appalachia. Take away the white no-college-backwoods-and/or-southern McCain/Palin vote and the Republicans would have been approaching single digit electoral college oblivion.

Sarah Palin will never hold national office nor will any Republican at the presidential level for a long time to come. Why? Because America has uneducated jerks in it but is not a nation of uneducated jerks. The Republicans are done, hoisted on the petard of their own “southern strategy.”


The Religious Right, the racists, the anti-gay hate-mongers are now not only marginalized but thoroughly out of step with even members of their own former constituency. For instance the Gordon College student newspaper (Gordon is an influential Evangelical College north of Boston) endorsed Obama this year. Many young evangelicals voted for the Democrats. James Dobson, Fox News, Limbaugh et al. were utterly powerless to do more than stir up hate. They are losing the next generation of their “base.”

Frank Schaeffer: Sarah Palin Will Never Be President — Trust Me